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Oiled wood flooring vs. urethane finishes

Oiled finish wood flooring has a natural, earthy look that lets the true beauty of the wood shine through. It is a finish that has been popular in Europe for many years and is gaining popularity here in the US recently.

Wood flooring traditionally comes with a urethane finish, a protective plastic-like hard clear coating that makes the wood shiny and smooth. Urethane finishes look great when they are brand new, but begin to look scratched and worn with regular use fairly quickly.

While the urethane provides a layer of protection between the actual wood planks and the world, it is easily scratched. The scratches cannot be removed easily and usually appear white in color, making them pretty obvious. Urethane floors are easy to clean and maintain but require full refinishing, meaning complete removal of the urethane layers and reapplying it every 10 years or so, which can be a monumental task, depending on the size of the area with the wood flooring. Plus, you will have to live with all the scratches, dents and dings until you refinish once every decade.

Americans have been slowly noticing oiled finishes for their wood flooring because of its natural look and feel. High-sheen floors have generally lost their appeal and homeowners are leaning towards the low-sheen, natural finishes without the extra man-made chemicals in their homes.

In addition to being beautiful and showing the natural beauty of the wood, oiled finished floors are much easier to repair than urethane finished floors. Scratches, dents and dings can be buffed out without having to re-do the whole floor as with urethane finishes. While upkeep for oiled floors is more labor intensive ongoing, many say it is worth it since you do not have to completely refinish them every 10 years.

Oiled wood flooring is becoming the top choice for wood flooring among homeowners and even in commercial settings such as hotels, business centers and office buildings, for Its natural, earthy look and feel, ease of repairing damaged areas and its ability to become more beautiful as it ages.

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