what wood floor finishes are available?

what wood floor finishes are available?

Wood flooring?is a detailed job that does not end with the installation of the woods. Once your wood flooring company has complete installation, they have to seal and protect it. The bottom line is all wood floor finsihes are not created equal. Make sure you ask what brands your flooring finisher uses and make sure they aren't cutting corners. The sealer and protectant not only improve the looks of the hardwood floor but also prolong its life. Therefore, their application is a must after the installation of the floor. Your hardwood floor will break, crack, dis-color and crumble without the proper finish. Moreover, the function of applying a finish to the wood floor is also to make it resistant to moisture. Here are some popular wood flooring finishes.

Types of wood flooring finishes

? ???Water-borne or water-based urethane

It is one of the least expensive options. The solution here is urethane mixed with water. Other constituents of this finish include plasticizers and synthetic resins. The moisture or water resistant qualities of this finish are admirable. One noticeable characteristic of this finish is that it does not have a yellowing effect and has a low VOC (Volatile organic compounds). If you don?t like strong smells or have allergens, water-based urethane finish might be the best option for you. Water based finishes come in standard durability and high traffic durability. Rising in price as durability increases. (Highly Recommended by Floor Crafters)

? ???Moisture-cured urethane

It can be surprising to see urethane in every type of finish. In the old times, the two popular finishes were shellac and varnish. Somehow, these finishes gave way to urethane in modern wood flooring finishes. It?s polyurethane with solvent as a base. One of its strengths is the durability it adds to the floor. (Not recommended by Floor Crafters)

? ???Oil-modified urethane (polyurethane or poly)

That?s the finish that most of the people around you will recommend you to buy should you seek high durability. It is quite popular and is affordable as a result. It can take around eight hours for this finish to dry fully. While you can choose from various levels of sheen, it will start becoming amber with the passage of time. It can be a bit difficult to apply this finish than other types, that?s why you should always pick an experienced craftsman?s to finish your floors. Poly brings out the wood graining, beauty and color of any wood floor, with an amber affect allowing the floor to pop (richness of color). Provides a medium VOC option, with good durability and limited effect on the environment. (Highly recommended by Floor Crafters)


You already know what wax is. You can safely say that wax has been around for the longest time as a wood flooring finish. A lot of its qualities make it one of the best finishes for wood flooring. What you will love about it is the low cost, short drying times, and the ease of application. Experts say that if you take care of wax finish properly, it will live for as long as your wood floor lives. (Old technology not recommended by Floor Crafters)

????????Penetrating oil sealers

There is a unique way of applying these sealers. The wood flooring installers will spread the sealer on the floor, and remove any amount in excess with special materials. A unique quality of this finish is their color, which also makes them useful as stain.?All the benefits of a natural oil finish plus the?high?performance?and durability. The elongated open time,?along with its rapid initial cure, makes it easier to work with and allows for light use in just 8 hours. While the unsurpassed viscosity penetrates deep into the hardwood floor in truly just one coat resulting in strengthened wear resistance and an organic looking floor with a rich patina. Blend or apply two colors for a custom look plus further protect a homeowner?s investment by over-coating with any?water or poly?finish. (Highly recommended by Floor Crafters)

????????Conversion varnish systems

A wood floor finished with a Glitsa Swedish finish radiates richness and warmth, augmenting the floor?s natural beauty. An excellent choice for domestic favorites or oily exotics, Glitsa Swedish finishes are engineered to be high-performance, low-maintenance and extremely durable. The Glitsa Gold Seal Swedish system, known for its superior clarity and wood-grain-enhancing qualities, minimizes the appearance of wear due to its flexibility and unique chemistry?a perfect option for high-traffic and everyday residential use. This finish is high in VOC and very durable. (Recommended by Floor Crafters)

These are some of the common types of finishes that are available today. Some old finishing materials have become obsolete due to their disadvantages.

Here at Floor Crafters Hardwood flooring company we use the best in wood flooring finishes for the long term sustainability and beauty when sanding and re-finishing your solid wood floor.

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