The time has come to invest in the new carpeting. It may be for one room, or it could involve several rooms. Whatever the case, it helps to know some basics, such as what sort of preparation is needed. You may also want professional advice about how long does it take to install carpet, and what the process involves. Here are some basics that will help you understand what a successful carpet installation entails, and why it's a smart move to leave this task in the hands of a professional.

Understanding the carpet installation timeline

So how long does it take to install carpet? There's no one right answer to that question. That's because a number of factors will influence what the job will involve. A general rule of thumb is to assume the carpet installation will take most of the day, especially if you are going to install carpeting in several rooms. 

If you are talking about possibly installing new carpeting in the living room and an adjacent dining room, consider factors like what it will take to prepare the spaces, the removal of the old carpeting and padding, and the total square footage involved. If you ask a pro how many hours does it take to install carpet in this scenario, you may get an estimate of four to six hours. 

Preparing the room for new carpeting

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Preparing a room for new carpeting is essential. One of the first things to do is remove all the furnishings from the space. The goal is to ensure there's nothing in the way that might slow the process of removing the old carpeting and getting ready to install the new. 

Does a room have to be empty to lay carpet? That's a question clients sometimes ask, especially if they don't have any other space to put some of the furnishings. In theory, you could move everything to one side of the room, lay the carpet, then move the furniture to the other side and finish the job. In actual practice, that is not something you want to try. 

Knowing how to install carpet means knowing that it's best to begin with a completely empty space. Doing so does make it easier to get started and ultimately to finish in less time. So when you ask how long does it take to replace carpet in a room or two, know that removing the furniture first is a big help. 

Taking care of floor issues

Removing the old carpeting and padding is only the beginning. There may be other issues that must be resolved before you begin the new installation. Fortunately, those who know how to install carpet can spot what needs to be done and take care of those matters quickly. 

For example, the tack strips for the old carpeting may be too close to the wall. If so, then they need to be removed and new ones installed. Even if they are the right distance, the strips need to be checked to ensure they are good enough to help keep the new carpeting in place. 

You also want the floor to be level before installing the padding. Stretching carpeting over floors that are not level will result in other issues in the future. Floors that aren't level can also complicate the process, ensuring that the cost of carpet installation is more than it has to be. 

Resolving issues before starting the installation properly is in your best interests. Doing so will mean that the answer to how long does carpet install take will be a shorter time frame, and that the process of how to install carpet will be less complex. In addition to a more satisfactory answer to the question of how long does it take to replace carpet, you're likely to find the result more to your liking. 

Installing the padding

The carpet installation timeline also involves bringing in the new padding and ensuring it's installed correctly. The last thing that you want to do is reuse the padding that resided under the old carpeting. Even if it appears to be clean, there are likely elements trapped in the material that could eventually cause problems. In the event that you see any type of stains on the padding, it definitely needs to be discarded. 

Don't worry about creating more stress on the environment when you discard the old padding. Just like the carpeting itself, there's a good chance that the materials can be broken down, sanitized, and then be reused to make new products. You can talk with a professional who knows how to install carpet and learn more about the recycling options for the old carpeting and the padding.

Making sure the carpeting is perfectly flat

Flat carpeting is essential. You don't want puckers to develop as time passes. Along with looking unsightly, they also make it more likely that someone will trip. The key is knowing how to properly stretch the material when you install carpet.

Professionals use tools like carpet stretches to ensure the result is perfectly flat carpeting. Beginning in the middle of the room and moving toward the walls, those stretchers ensure that there are no buckles or puckers left. Once the carpeting is tucked with the use of the tack strips, all you should see is a smooth flow of carpeting from one wall to the next. While this does add to how long carpet needs for installation, the additional time is worth it.

One final inspection

Even when the last step appears to be done, there are a few other things that need attention before all the tools and supplies are gathered and removed from the space. Expect a professional to inspect every square inch of the carpeting to ensure there's nothing about the installation that needs correcting. This is not only good for the appearance; this action will also improve the odds that the carpeting will last for more years. 

If all goes well, there will be little to nothing left that needs attention. Even if there is something to correct, that won't add much to how long carpet installation will take. What it will do is ensure the space is ready for use again. 

You already asked does a room have to be empty to lay carpet and received an answer. Now you want to know how soon can you put furniture on new carpet. The response is that as soon as the tools and supplies are out of the way and the last round of cleaning is out of the way, you can think about bringing pieces back into the room and place them wherever you like. However, this is not something that you need to do as as soon as the cleaning is done. 

Cleaning up once the job is done

You're now in the final steps before the installation is considered complete. Now all the tools and supplies need to be removed. There may be some light cleaning to do, such as going over the new carpeting with a vacuum cleaner. This will ensure there are no tiny particles of debris left on the carpet surface or anything else that might cause a problem later. 

Don't be surprised if the professional brings along a shop vacuum to take care of this task. This provides one last time to check the carpet around the walls and ensure the tack strips are holding properly. After learning how many hours does it take to install carpet and knowing the time can vary, you'll be feeling good when things get to this stage.

Seeing the shop vac go out the door will mean that you can begin to bring the furniture back into the space. How soon can you put furniture on new carpet? A general recommendation is to wait a full 24 hours before you bring in anything. This gives the carpeting a chance to set properly and reduces the potential for damaging it before the settling is finished. 

After learning more about what's involved with a new carpet installation, you may think twice about trying to do the job yourself. It's not just knowing how long does it take to install carpet when it's done by a professional; it's realizing that it would take you longer to manage the task. Factor in the fact that you may overlook something important, and the idea of hiring a professional just makes sense.

Understanding why it's best to call a professional service to install carpet

The bottom line is that you want the new carpeting to look great and last for a long time. With the help of a professional, you can compare choices and identify the one that provides the most benefits and still comes with an affordable price. You'll also learn more about how to compare the cost to carpet quality and not be led only by the expense. 

Keep in mind a professional already has all the resources on hand to manage the installation. Combined with the experience and expertise to do the job properly, you're assured that the outcome will be everything that you hoped. You will also have access to expert advice about things like how long does carpet install take, given the square footage involved and other relevant factors. Trust that when you see the results, there will be no doubt that you made the right choice.