best flooring options for stairs

best flooring options for stairs

Part of the renovations that you have in mind for your home may be doing something different with the stairs. Instead of going with more of what was already in place and already been done, you may want to try something different, something new. Fortunately, there are plenty of?flooring options for stairs?that you can consider.?

The key is to take each of those staircase flooring ideas and determine if they possess the qualities that you want. Since there are bound to be advantages and potential drawbacks with each option, it makes sense to look closely at each solution you're seriously considering. Here are some ideas to think about, as well as a few points to keep in mind.?

Hardwood pros and cons

There's no doubt that hardwood staircases are a popular choice. The natural wood grain looks beautiful,? the material will last a lifetime time, and is easy to maintain. In terms of keeping the steps clean and the sexiness of a hardwood staircase, it really is hard to beat this approach.?

Before things go any further, do take the time to consider the pros and cons of wood stairs. Along with all the benefits, remember that a hardwood staircase is more subject to humidity and extreme temperature changes than some of the other stair options. Depending on the design, a hardwood staircase may be more expensive than some of your other choices. Before you make any decision, look closely at the pros and cons of wood stairs think about what you're willing to put up with versus what you will gain.?

Carpeting pros and cons

Carpeted stairs are another option that's been popular for a long time. There's more than one way to go with this approach. One is to utilize a stair runner over hardwoodthat adheres to the stepsor, you can also carpet the entire staircase for a more unified and warm look.?

Knowing how to protect carpet on stairs is something that you need to know. This will involve making sure the carpet is treated to resist staining. Doing so makes it easy to get up spills and even vacuum any dirt away with ease. You also have plenty of colors and patterns that you can use.?

Keep in mind that the carpet will wear out at some point. The average life varies, based on what the carpeting is made of, how well it's treated, and the amount of traffic it sustains. This may be a fine option for a couple with no children or pets, but it's not the best when you have a family and one or more dogs who love to run up and down the stairs.?

Vinyl tiles pros and cons

Vinyl is an option that you may not have considered, but it's definitely worth a look. Like some of the other selections, you can get vinyl in a number of colors. It's also durable, so it will be some time before you need to replace it.?

As to vinyl plank flooring on stairs, the material is sturdy,? durable, and most popular in faux hardwood, with a large variety of colors, tones, and feels. Vinyl plank is very affordable (try to stay away from the ultra-cheap versions as they do not perform well over time,? and could save you thousands in contrast to the real hardwood versions. Luxury vinyl is easy to keep clean, maintain and great for rentals. Even so, you may find that comparing vinyl plank flooring pros and cons reveals that this is the option that works best for the setting that you have in mind.?

Ceramic tiles pros and cons

Have you thought about ceramic tile for stairs? There are some very good reasons to give it some thought. You will find that this type of flooring is very durable. Ceramic tiles will resist staining, scratching and are super easy to maintain. You will also find it easy to keep the steps clean since a dust mop will do in most cases.?

You do need to keep in mind that ceramic tile for stairs is colder and may have sharper edges in comparison to some of your other options. They will work best when the stair treads have matching bullnoses or a carpet runner. You may also find that they are a little slicker than you would like. If so, opting for one of the other solutions would be best for your home.?

Laminate flooring pros and cons

Laminate flooring?is a great approach when you want modern tiles for stairs. You can choose the same laminate that you're using for the flooring on the main floor and carry the theme to the second-story landing. Given the number of styles and designs that you can choose, it's easy to do anything from simulating the look of real wood to a color scheme that's ideal for your home.?

Do keep in mind that the quality of the laminate makes a difference in how long it will last. Even so, you should get somewhere between 10-15 years of use. With higher-quality laminate, it may be as long as three decades before it has to be replaced. If you stay away from unusual color schemes, it will be less likely that you will grow tired of the look before the laminate wears out.

Natural stone pros and cons

If you like the idea of incorporating natural elements into the staircase, there are more choices than wood. Think about how the use of stone would look in your home. Stone can be in natural hues, or you can have it treated. In terms of durability, it will easily outlast carpet tile for stairs and many of the other options that you're considering.?

You may be asking yourself, "should I have a wood or stone staircase?" and the answer may be that you can combine the two natural elements. Think about how most of the staircase could be made using stone, then finish off the look with hardwood steps. While you may have to replace the steps eventually, the stone will hold up well for much longer.?

Brick and other masonry pros and cons

There are designs related to?modern tiles?for stairs that hearken back to some of the options of the past. While you can go with contemporary solutions, why not consider trying something that was popular in decades past? Specifically, think about using brick, concrete, or some other form of masonry in the staircase design.?

One of the staircase flooring ideas that were popular at one time involved the use of brick to build the main part of the staircase, then the use of concrete steps as part of the design. Another way to go would be a metal framework that's paired with brick or concrete for the steps. Depending on the age of the home, this could turn out to be just the type of look that you want. Best of all, the materials will hold up for decades.?

Remember, this is not a look that works in all settings. For example, this is not something you would want to incorporate into a Tudor-style home. At the same time, this is an option that would likely look fine in a two-story ranch home from the middle of the 20th century.?

Butcher block hardwood stairs pros and cons

Butcher block stair treads and landings, built and installed on a metal frame, are visually the most beautiful stair option you may ever see; however, it is also the most expensive.?

Butcher black treads are custom-made in the hardwood, width, length, and thickness as designed for your staircase, this runs up the cost of the staircase and may be viewed as a con. They are custom and one-of a kind, and this may be what you?ve been looking for, something more original.?

This stair option is easy to clean, durable, and visually appealing.?

If you choose to go this route, you won't be disappointed.

Going for the look that you want

You'll find it easier to select the type of staircase and the right tiles if you keep the home's general design in mind. You want utility, but you also want to achieve visual harmony. There's likely more than one way to achieve both ends.?

You may decide that a traditional wood staircase paired with carpeted stairs would be fine. Going with wood tiles for stairs may work equally well. On the other hand, you may decide that stair carpet tiles that you incorporate into a spiral metal staircase would be the eclectic touch that your home needs.?

Whether you go with carpet tile for stairs or some other option, don't forget that you will be living with the choice for a long time. Unlike changing the wall color, this is not something that you can change on a whim. If you're having trouble settling on an idea, it never hurts to see what a professional thinks.?

Understanding why it's best to call a professional service to handle the installation

Whatever you decide about the flooring options for stairs, this is not one of the tasks that you want to manage on your own. The most practical approach is to call in professionals who can ensure that everything is done properly. In the long run, this one decision will save a lot of headaches.?

You can ask questions and get answers from someone who has likely managed similar projects for other homeowners. Go ahead and ask "should I have a wood or stone staircase?" or "would a spiral staircase made of metal look okay here?" It's even possible to get some tips on how to protect carpet on stairs if that's what you decide is the best choice. You can bet that a professional can provide some food for thought and help you avoid making a move that you will regret later.?

There's also the stability of those new stairs to keep in mind. You want them to be sturdy and capable of remaining that way for a long time. Along with helping you evaluate different flooring options for stairs, a professional will ensure that those stairs meet all local safety codes and regulations.?

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There's no need to wait any longer.?Call a professional?and set up a date and time for a site visit. Together, it won't be difficult to settle on a plan, get some pricing put together, and arrange a date for the work to get underway.?