While you may think of polished concrete as a solution for commercial and similar settings, the fact is that you can utilize this approach in your homes as a modern alternative. In fact, there's a lot to recommend polished concrete floors for use in residences as well as other settings. If you're planning on making some changes at home, it makes sense to explore the potential of using polished concrete instead of other flooring solutions.

Why does learning about the pros and cons of polished concrete floors matter?

Before you do anything, it's a good idea to look closely at the pros and cons of polished concrete floors, and their use in a private residence. What you will quickly realize is that while there may be a drawback or two, such as cold surfaces (enquire about underfloor heating options) that don't provide the "give" that comes with some other solutions, the pros outweigh them with ease. =

Even so, it's good to understand the cons as well as the pros. Doing so allows you to weigh the benefits as well as what some may consider drawbacks, then come to your own conclusion. Along the way, keep the following benefits in mind. 

Polished concrete and durability

It's hard to imagine a flooring solution that's more resilient than polished concrete floors. Once in place, the floors are capable of holding up well to quite a bit of foot traffic. Unlike some options, it takes quite a bit to damage the concrete. Even if something does happen, repairs are relatively easy to manage. 

Add in that a residential polished concrete resists scratching, and the deal is even better. Think of how homes with polished concrete floors would work well for anyone who owns cats or dogs, or where some of the family members tend to wear spiked heels and similar footwear.

Long life span

There are some floor options that look great, but they do have to be replaced eventually. Depending on what you choose, replacements may be necessary in less than two decades. Think of what that can mean in term of expense over a lifetime of owing a home. 

By contrast, polished concrete floors for homes can last just as long as the polished concrete used in business settings. To provide some idea of how that relates to residential polished concrete floors, it's possible for commercial polished concrete to last for an entire century. That means you're unlikely to ever replace the flooring during your lifetime. 

Floors that are easy to maintain

Floors that last a long time and hold up well are great, but what does it take to keep them in good shape? The fact is that polished concrete floors don't require much upkeep. In a home, you could spend just a few hours a week making sure they look their best. 

How do you maintain residential polished concrete floors? Sweeping to get rid of loose residue takes care of most of the work. Once a week, you will want to mop the floors, taking care to remove any smudging or water marks that may have accumulated since the last mopping. A professional can provide additional suggestions, based on the particulars of your polished concrete. 

An affordable solution for floors

You'll find that the expense of installing concrete polished floors compares favorably with other flooring options. That's particularly true if you already have a concrete slab in place. Even if you don't, the fact that concrete flooring saves money in the decades to come makes the initial cost much more affordable. 

With that in mind, compare investing in finished concrete floors with a solution that looks great, but won't last as long. Consider how many times over the years you would have to replace that other solution. It won't take long to see how polished concrete comes out ahead of the rest. 

Plenty of colors and design options

Even without any type of tint or stain, polished concrete looks very nice. As a backdrop for any type of rugs you want to use, it can't be topped. However, you do have the option of tinting or even creating designs in the concrete proper. 

Homes with polished concrete floors range from floors with the natural hue of concrete to those with solid colors to flooring that looks just like an ornate area rug. If you can think of a design idea using one more colors, contractors can usually find a way to make it a reality. Once the tinting and design is in place, a contractor can tell you how the choices are implemented as part of the concrete polishing.

Floors that make decorating updates simpler

It's not unusual for homeowners to change the decor in one or more rooms as the years pass. That can be more difficult to do with some flooring solutions. For example, carpeting can place a few limits on what colors you can use with the new idea for the space. The same is true with vinyl tiles or other forms of vinyl flooring. 

By contrast, polished concrete helps to expand your horizons. This is especially true if you've chosen to go with a natural hue for the concrete. It's easy to change the look of the floor by investing in new area rugs. That means being free to go with new colors for upholstered pieces, window treatments, and even for the walls. The outcome will be floors that work perfectly with the new decorating scheme. 

Low incidence of slippage

Someone reminded you that polished concrete could be slippery. That's true, especially if the concrete is wet. Since there's always the potential for someone to spill a drink or other liquid in the kitchen and other rooms, this is a matter of concern. Fortunately, there's a simple solution that makes those residential polished concrete floors slip-resistant: an epoxy coating. 

This coating can be clear, allowing the colors and/or designs chosen for those finished concrete floors to shine through. At the same time, the coating ensures that the floor is not slippery, even when a liquid is spilled on the surface. Keep in mind that if you have a lot of foot traffic, it may be necessary to apply a fresh epoxy coating every three years or so. 

A sanitary solution

Don't overlook the sanitary aspect of concrete polished floors. With a proper sealing agent, whatever grime, dirt, or liquid ends up on the floor has no chance of seeping in the concrete proper. That makes cleaning up quick and easy. It also means that the floor can be kept sanitary without any problem. 

Proper sanitary measures mean the flooring is more than clean in appearance. It will also have a positive impact on the way your home smells. Since you can easily get rid of whatever is currently on the floor surface, you also get rid of any odors that the dust, spills, or other substances generated. 

Think of what can be tracked into the home on a daily basis. When you clean, it not only gets rid of a mess; the action helps to eliminate potential health risks to those living in the home. Given how liquids and other contaminants can sink into other types of floors, it makes sense to go with polished concrete floors for homes when there's some concern about maintaining a reasonably sanitary setting. 

Lack of volatile organic compounds

Volatile organic compounds are found in a number of flooring solutions. Known as VOCs, these are present in any type of hardwood flooring, all sorts of vinyl carpets, and even carpeting that's made using synthetic fibers. 

What's the big deal about VOCs? For people with some chronic conditions, allergies, and various sensitivities, ongoing exposure can adversely affect health. Eye irritation is one example, as is congestion in the nose and throat. People with certain types of lung conditions may find it difficult to breathe easily. 

There is even evidence that exposure to VOCs can lead to problems with the central nervous system. While some people may experience only minor discomfort, the presence of VOCs in flooring options means that some family members may never be totally comfortable in those spaces. 

Polished concrete is an option to consider seriously

If you've never considered the idea of floors sporting polished concrete, now is the time to get some ideas of what can be done. Look at the solution from every angle. What you are likely to find is that it is possible to achieve the look that you want, have a solution that you can care for with ease, and even make the home more comfortable for a wider range of people. 

Without a doubt, the most effective way to make use of this flooring solution is to hire a contractor who knows all about concrete polishing. This professional can walk you through the options for colors, patterns, and other features. Once you have a solid plan, it won't be difficult to set a start date, and be on the way to having some of the best polished concrete floorings in the area. 

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